El Cubanismo – Cubanisms

I am American by virtue of where I was born, but Cuban by virtue of who I was born to. As I try to explain to my less cultured friends (Hi Zach!), my being Cuban is my ethnicity and culture, and has nothing to do with my race.

A few years back, when I was in between jobs, I decided to take the saucier side of being Cuban and bring that to the American forefront. (So much for bright ideas!) The best I could come up with was what I like to call my “Cubanisms”, and then I set up a Zazzle.com site.

Here are a few samples of the product designs that I created, based on some of the things I know about Cubanismo.

cuban american_A cuban american2_A little havana club_A loco_A mono_A no jodas_A rana_A tuerto_A

My best seller, by far, has been the mocked up logo for the “Little Havana Club”.  Seems to be a fan favorite!

My next blog I’ll tell you why my nickname is Digame. 😉


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