The Birth of a Nickname

About 23 years ago, I was a senior in high school, ready to take on the world.


I’m the one on the left

Being raised in a Cuban household, I was speaking Spanish before I could walk. I think the only way I learned English was because my older siblings all spoke it, otherwise I probably would have ended up in an ESL (English as a Second Language) class. Either way, I still ended up in speech therapy for about 2 years, because I could not properly say “S” sounds or words. But, that was many years prior.

Anyway, I was very friendly with just about everyone in my class. That’s not saying too much, as we were a class of only 144 students. But, I envisioned myself a social butterfly and I liked everyone.

Kalamazoo Christian Comets

Kalamazoo Christian Comets

During my  four years in high school, as I spoke fluent Spanish, I opted to take Spanish classes to improve my grammatical usage of the language. I could read it, I could speak it, I could even write it, but I wanted to be able to write it WELL. So, I took 3 years of Spanish class with Mr. Vera – or Señor Vera.

So, here I was, this mulatto Cubana, in a class full of English-speaking kids who were fulfilling their foreign language requirement. Now, the older I became, the more I tended to speak my mind. As a young child, I was introverted and shy. As a young adult, not so much. I loved (and still do love) school and fully enjoyed the classroom, learning, and participating. I’m sure you can imagine what type of student I was/am.


Now, when Señor Vera would call on you in class, he would always say “digame”, which means “tell me”. Thus, day in and day out, I would shoot my hand into the air, and Señor Vera would say “digame” and I would answer. Being that I like to talk and perpetually have words running out of my mouth (I really enjoy the sound of my own voice), “digame” followed me from the classroom into the high school hallways. One day, my friend Laura was behind me as we walked to class and she yells “Hey, digame!”. That was the day “Digame” was born.


Thanks for reading!


-Lisa “Digame”



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